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  • Aftercare Support

    Our ultimate goal is to provide treatment and aftercare support to our patients in order to achieve and maintain lasting recovery. Our treatment team is available to patients, families and providers at any time. We collaborate with an extensive network of outpatient psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and registered dietitians along with other treatment programs and we’re always happy to provide referrals or consultations.

    Treatment Guarantee

    When you successfully graduate from one of our outpatient eating disorder programs and experience a significant recurrence of symptoms within six months after program completion, you can return for an additional month of treatment at no cost to you! As far as we know, there is no other eating disorder treatment program in the country currently offering free treatment following completion of a program.

    Individuals with eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all mental health or substance abuse disorders, making it all the more important that treatment either works the first time around, or is available in the event of a recurrence of symptoms.  While the majority of our patients do not need to return for additional treatment once they graduate, we promise to be there for those who continue to struggle. Because we are committed to the health and wellness of our patients we stand by the quality and effectiveness of our treatment programs with more than just words.

    The following terms and conditions apply to the Treatment Guarantee:

    • You must have successfully graduated from one of Marin Vista’s eating disorder outpatient programs. This may include a combination of the PHP and IOP programs, depending on your individualized treatment plan and progress toward treatment goals.
    • You must have complied with all discharge plans and continued treatment with your outpatient treatment team, including weekly psychotherapy and nutrition counseling.
    • If you have insurance, we may bill your insurance for any sessions authorized.
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  • Treatment Guarantee

    Treatment Guarantee

    How can we offer free treatment, and why don’t other programs offer this? Good question.

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