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  • Intensive Outpatient Program

    The Intensive Outpatient program at Marin Vista Health and Wellness Center runs 3-4 hours per day, 5-6 days per week, and tapers down to 3 days per week as one progresses through treatment. The program is designed for those who need more structure and support than a typical outpatient program, or for those who may be transitioning from our Residential or Day Treatment program. The intensive outpatient program provides comprehensive treatment while allowing you to retain autonomy in your normal day-to-day activities.  We offer early afternoon and evening programs to make treatment more accessible for those who are employed or attending school during the day.

    Intensive Outpatient program highlights

    • 3-5 days per week, Monday-Friday
    • 2 IOP group therapy options: 12:00pm-3:00pm or 3:45pm-6:45pm
    • 1 supervised meal per day
    • 1 individual psychotherapy session per week
    • 1 family therapy session per week
    • 1 nutrition counseling session per week

    The Intensive Outpatient program offers regular support through group and individual therapy, structured meal planning and nutrition counseling. In addition to daily groups, all program participants have one hour of individual therapy, one hour of family therapy, and one hour of nutrition counseling per week. Typically, the length of stay in intensive outpatient treatment can range anywhere from four weeks to a few months.

    At Marin Vista we teach our participants how to choose foods that meet their nutritional needs, as well as how to prepare them and how to understand correct food portion size without the need to measure or weigh the food.  We take our patients on weekly lunch outings so they can challenge themselves in a supportive environment while trying out new foods at local restaurants. We also help them with their grocery shopping and meal and snack planning. Our team has found that having patients actively engaged in their meal planning and preparation better prepares them as they transition to outpatient treatment.

  • Teen Programs


    Offering full day (PHP) and after school treatment curriculums up to six days per week.

  • Treatment Guarantee

    Treatment Guarantee

    How can we offer free treatment, and why don’t other programs offer this? Good question.

  • Insurance Accepted

    Insurance Accepted

    We are contracted with most major private health plans
    and many smaller ones.

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