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  • Our Treatment Approach

    Marin Vista Health and Wellness is an eating disorder treatment center serving the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin in Northern California. At Marin Vista, we believe that eating disorders are often caused by a combination of psychological, biological, interpersonal, and social factors. We focus on helping to improve self-esteem, self-concept, how one experiences emotions, relationships, and social support system(s). When anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use or other related mental health issues are present, we also address these as part of each individual’s customized treatment plan.

    Our Nutrition Philosophy – Preparing Patients for Life After Treatment

    At Marin Vista Health and Wellness, we approach nutrition from the basic premise that all foods are good in moderation. Individuals entering our program have often developed complex relationships with food which involve restricting, bingeing, purging and many other compensatory behaviors. Participants work closely with our registered dietitians to create a personalized eating plan designed to meet their unique nutritional needs.  Most importantly, we teach individuals how to judge portion sizes on their own and in the real world, without needing to count calories or use food scales. Our goal is to empower individuals to make healthy decisions and have realistic goals around food, eating, and their bodies.  After being in our program, participants will learn how to live their lives free of their old disordered eating habits, because they will have received lots of practice with choosing, preparing, and eating a variety of foods while in our eating disorder treatment center.

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    Here are just a few of our nutrition program’s distinctive components:

    • Weekly individual nutrition counseling with our registered dietitians with staff guidance, participants choose the type of foods on their eating plan.
    • We work with all dietary preferences (i.e. vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc) and help participants to identify any unhealthy food restrictions that may be contributing to their eating behaviors.
    • Our “real life” approach means that participants bring all food to the program based on their eating plan and participate in meal preparation along with staff supervision.
    • We teach an ‘eye-ball’ technique to portion sizing. This helps our participants learn what comprises a meal so that they can take these skills with them when they leave the program.
    • Weekly supervised lunch outings to local restaurants and occasional cooking classes.
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